Your home at Le Prieuré

Le Prieuré is a charming former monastery repurposed for dormitory-style housing for Saint Francis University’s study abroad program. The site is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Tarn River and the village of Ambialet. 

There are different options regarding accommodations for your stay. The total cost for room and board is determined by the length of workshop or residency you select. All on-site meals are included in the program fee. 

Living Arrangements: The monastery has dormitory-style accommodations with a combination of double rooms, some of which have their own bathrooms, and single rooms. The rest of the participants share two large bathrooms (one for men, one for women) with spacious private showers. Each bedroom has a sink and mirror, and each person has a bed, desk, chair and closet. You will have a bed freshly made for your arrival including a blanket, pillow and towel. The housekeeping staff checks on rooms regularly and clears out your trash, and cleans up your sink. There is a very limited number of single rooms available. Plan on having a roommate. You may request a roommate in your application. 

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Internet Access: There is open-network wireless internet access throughout the entire monastery, though some spots pick up a better signal than others.

Laundry: There are 4 washers and 4 dryers at the monastery. Laundry detergent is provided.

Meals: Arts France program has a resident cook who comes in a couple hours before lunch and dinner each day to prepare fresh meals. These meals reflect a typical French cuisine with a variety of different meats and cheeses and every meal comes with a fresh salad. Meals are served buffet style. For smaller appetites, French bread with Nutella, butter, and jam are available throughout the day. You can also brew your own coffee and tea throughout the day. Please note that all participants are expected to help with kitchen duty. A rotating schedule for kitchen duty will be posted in the common dining room.

Medical Care: There are always doctors on duty in Albi, and you will have transportation to a doctor ́s office ifneeded. The primary doctor who works with the program speaks English. Doctors will write prescriptions if needed (i.e. if you have the flu or are having trouble sleeping). The hospital in Albi is modern and well equipped like you would find in any major city.

If you are taking prescription medication, make sure you have enough to last you the trip.